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Zoning Verification Request

  3. Provide the address of the property for which zoning verification is requested.
  4. NOTES:
  5. 1. The Zoning Verification Letter does not verify compliance with development regulations, parking, or certify legal non-conforming status.
  6. 2. Zoning violations will not be included.
  7. 3. The Zoning Ordinance is available on the city’s website at
  8. 4. All other requests, CO’s, code violations, site plans, flood zone information, parking requirements, etc , must be submitted to the Office of Public Records as a public information request. Please forward such requests to:

  9. Fee: $50.00 – Make checks payable to The City of Mansfield. Payments may also be made with a credit card by phone. There is a 3% service charge for credit card payments. Please call 817-276-4229 to make a credit card payment. Payments must be received before the verification can be released. Please allow 5 business days to complete the request.
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