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Grading and Fill Permit

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  3. This permit is to allow for fill placement, grading or otherwise disturbing the surface of a property independent of a building permit.

    Submittal Requirements are the following: 

    (1) A grading plan or location map showing the general location and configuration of fill or grading. 
    (2) Indicate quantity of fill. 
    (3) An erosion control plan that includes a stabilized construction exit and sediment control around the perimeter.
    (4) A permanent stabilization plan including a note that if fill is not planned to be distributed within 14 days, fill must be immediately permanently stabilized. A NOI/site notice will be required if the disturbed area is larger than one acre.
    (5) Map showing haul route from pickup location to site.
    (6) If fill is within FEMA Floodplain, a floodplain development permit is required. (Attach a link of Floodplain Permit) 
    (6) Note: Additional information may be required. 

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