About Your Utility Bill

Bills are rendered approximately every 30 days. Each bill is based on a meter reading taken one week to 10 days before you receive your bill.

You will receive a two-part perforated bill. Return the bottom portion with your payment for the proper crediting to your account. The top portion provides a detailed accounting of your bill and may be retained by you for your records.

Your Utility Bill: An Upclose Look

Detailed Utility BillTo view a larger more detailed version of the bill click on the image.

  1. Account Number: Always note your account number on your check or money order. Have your account number handy when inquiring about your bill.
  2. Service Period: Reflects dates covered by the current charges.
  3. Billing Date: The date the bill was issued.
  4. Service Address: Reflects the address that is receiving the service.
  5. Water Meter Reading: Reflects present and previous meter readings.
  6. Water Consumption: The amount of water used during the current billing period. Consumption is billed in per gallons consumed.
  7. Billing Summary: Shows past due charges, the current amount due, and water usage history. The Sanitary Sewer Service charge is a fixed-rate charge based on the type of property being served. This fee helps offset the expenses for operating and maintaining sewer pump stations and sewer lines.
  8. Inquires: List phone numbers and address for billing inquires.
  9. Name / Address: Reflects name and mailing address of account holder
  10. Message Area: Always check for billing information, news, special notices, etc.
  11. Payment Due: The total amount due should be paid in full by the due date. This date reflects due date for current charges.
  12. Bar Code: Electronic coding used to assist in processing your payment.