Bond Information

When a person is arrested for an outstanding Class C misdemeanor warrant, he or she may be able to post a cash bond, surety bond or appearance bond to secure a release from jail while awaiting a hearing on the case. If the defendant has an outstanding capias pro fine warrant, only full payment of the amount owed is acceptable.

Appearance Bonds

To obtain an appearance/surety bond, you should contact a bail bondsman or other surety who has the proper authority to post a bond with the Court. The bondsman or surety will collect a fee for this service. The fee is a generally a percentage of the total bail required to pay the fines. The bondsman's fee is generally non-refundable and is not paid to the Court for the citation(s).

Therefore, the defendant remains responsible for all fines, fees, costs, etc. for the outstanding warrant(s). After being released from jail, notice of the posted appearance bond is forwarded to the Mansfield Municipal Court. Upon receiving this notice, the Court will notify the defendant of the date, time, and place of his or her hearing to resolve the outstanding citations. Failure to appear at this bond hearing will result in additional charges and a warrant will be reissued immediately.

Cash Bonds

Upon being arrested for outstanding Class C misdemeanor warrants, a defendant always has the ability to pay the total fines owed in cash to secure his or her release from jail. This is called posting a cash bond. The cash bond is generally collected at the jail where the defendant is incarcerated. The amount owed for outstanding Mansfield warrants is forwarded from that jail to the Mansfield Municipal Court of Record.

After the Court receives the cash bond payment, the defendant will be notified of the date, time, and place of his or her bond hearing. Failure to appear for this hearing will result in the forfeiture of the cash bond(s) toward payment of the fines owed. If the Defendant appears a the bond hearing, he or she may still have the ability to request deferred disposition to keep the offenses from appearing on his or her driving/criminal record.

Bond Hearing

The defendant and his or her attorney must appear in person in Court for a bond hearing. During the hearing, the Judge will confirm the defendant's plea and set forth the options for resolving the outstanding citation(s). The Judge will also accept proof of incarceration to determine whether the defendant is eligible for time-served credit. Defendants incarcerated on Class C misdemeanor warrants will be awarded no less then $50.00 per full 24 hour period of incarceration.

Therefore, a defendant's fine may be reduced depending on the number of 24-hour "days" the defendant was incarcerated for the outstanding Mansfield warrants. However, any citation satisfied totally with time-served credit will be listed as a conviction on the Defendant's driving/criminal record. If it is not possible to appear in Court as scheduled, you must file a motion for continuance with the Court.

Each defendant is allowed one continuance. If you have posted an appearance/ surety bond and are not present at the bond hearing, the Court will issue a new citation for Failure to Appear. Failure to Appear is a separate offense which has an additional fine. Failure to appear charges will be added to each of the original citations set for Court. Warrants for your arrest will then be issued on the original citation(s) as well as the additional Failure to Appear citation(s). A $50 fee is incurred on each citation, including the Failure to appear offenses, when the warrant is issued.

If a defendant who posts a cash bond does not appear at the bond hearing, the cash bond will be forfeited to pay the fines owed and the offenses will be listed as convictions on the Defendant's driving/criminal record.