Code Compliance

Code Compliance TruckCode Compliance is a department with the Development Services division of the City of Mansfield which is responsible for protecting the safety, health and welfare of the City of Mansfield by addressing issues such as illegal home occupations, outside storage violations, parking on grass, illegal signs and unsafe structures.

For information, or to report a code violation, call 817-276-4221.

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Vehicle Parking

Vehicles parked in the front yard of a residence must be parked on a paved concrete surface. The parking of any vehicle in a side or rear yard of a residence on the grass or off of a paved concrete surface is prohibited unless it shall be enclosed by a screening fence at least 6' (six feet) in height.

Trucks rated to have a carrying capacity exceeding one ton are prohibited from parking in residential areas, with the exception of actively loading/unloading. Any vehicle over twenty-five feet (25') in overall length (including tongue) is prohibited from parking in residential areas except for actively loading/unloading. Vehicle are prohibited from being up on blocks, jacks, or anything other than the wheels or mechanism that are originally designed to equip such vehicles for traveling purposes.  Please refer to the Zoning Ordinance Section 7200 for more details.

Open Storage

Open storage of objects or materials outside a building for sale or for storage purposes is prohibited in residential areas. No open storage of any object, vehicle or equipment is allowed on public right-of-ways.

Dilapidated Fences

Dilapidated FenceIt is the property owner's responsibility to repair, replace or remove any structurally unsound or dilapidated fence. A fence or any portion thereof that is leaning by ten (10) degrees or more beyond plumb or have ten (10) percent or more of its pickets missing shall be considered structurally unsafe and a hazard to safety, health, or public welfare; and if twenty-five (25) percent of an existing picket is rotten, missing or decayed, it shall be considered as missing.

Visual Barriers

No fence, screen, free standing wall, shrubbery, hedge or other visual barrier should be higher than 36" (thirty-six inches) above ground level at the property line so that it obstructs the vision of a motor vehicle driver, or within any City right-of-way. Corner lots shall maintain clear vision across the lot for a distance of 25' (twenty-five feet) from the property corner along both streets.

Home Occupations

Home occupations are allowed provided that no retail business is involved, no stock or trade is kept on the premises, no employees or customers are coming or going and there is no advertising of any type on the premises. The City of Mansfield does not issue Business Licenses for home based businesses.

Garage Sale Signs

Garage sales require a permit and the signs must not be posted on any sign, pole, tree or utility pole or placed in any street medians.