Commercial Recycling

The City's franchise with Republic Services doesn't apply to hauling of commercial recycling.  Business are free to contact Republic to arrange their own recycling.  Business may also use other vendors as long as the vendor is licensed.

Hauling ICI Recyclables In Mansfield

Mansfield Garbage and Recycling Ordinance

What Are ICI Recyclables?

Recyclable material collected from an industrial, commercial or institutional facility within City limits such as paper, paperboard, aluminum, plastics, and glass, or other materials as defined as Recyclable Materials in the City's Garbage and Recycling Ordinance. In addition to ICI recyclables, this license applies to waste construction materials collected for recycling.

Why Does Mansfield Have A Recycling License?

Mansfield provides a license to recycling haulers in order to maintain proper and adequate records of recycling activities in Mansfield and to ensure that residents and businesses are protected from unsanitary and unsightly conditions.

Obtaining A License

In order to obtain a license to haul recyclable materials, an applicant needs to complete the Recycling Haulers Application and Recycling Haulers License Agreement, as well as meet all of the requirements stated in the Garbage and Recycling Ordinance. A non-refundable application fee must be submitted with each application. Additional application sheets may be needed depending on the number of client facilities. Once the license has been granted, it is the responsibility of the licensee to submit quarterly reports as well as the licensing fee to the City. Failure to do so may result in the license being suspended, or revoked.

Reasonable changes to the business must be reported to the City in a timely manner. These may include the addition/deletion of client facilities, changes to fleet, changes to services offered, etc. Failure to notify the City of such changes may result in the license being suspended or revoked.

Commingled Products

Licensed haulers are not allowed to collect commingled recyclables. Commingled recyclables have been mixed with regular garbage, refuse and trash and recycling haulers are not authorized to collect these materials within City Limits. Recycling haulers who have the ability to collect single-stream recyclables and who will be taking those single-stream recyclables to a qualified destination facility may apply for a single-stream waiver.

Commingling of garbage, refuse or trash with recyclables is the responsibility of the hauler and client facility, and will not be tolerated. Granted licenses may be suspended or revoked if the hauling of commingled products is detected.