Crime Free Lifestyles

Crime Free Lifestyles Program Benefits

Crime Free Lifestyles LogoExcellent way to education homeowner

  • awareness of crime trends
  • crime reduction
  • less patrol response
  • less investigations
  • less prosecutions

Why we offer the Crime Free Lifestyles Program

Single family homeowners

  • larger financial investment
  • longer-term investment
  • committed to the neighborhood

Old Block Watch participation rule doesn't apply

  • no citizens denied
  • participation despite neighbors' apathy
  • every citizen has the opportunity to become "fully certified"

Block Watch principles are still presented!

  • teach new principles beyond eyes and ears
  • teaches a complete Crime Free Lifestyles
  • family security & safety
  • dumpster divers
  • check washing
  • home invasions
  • identity theft
  • internet crimes
  • fraudulent schemes
  • drug houses
  • auto theft

For more information contact the Mansfield Police Department Community Resource Division at 817-276-4725,