Drainage Design & iSWM

As part of Mansfield's compliance with the TCEQ's small MS4 Stormwater Permit, the City has adopted the NCTCOG integrated Stormwater Management (iSWM) Design Manual for Site Development dated January 2006. In order for this manual to be properly used, it is necessary to reference the City's Local Criteria Section.  When combined, the two manuals are titled the City of Mansfield Storm Water Management Manual.

At this time, the City is not requiring the use of the iSWM water quality measures for all sites. However, if water quality measures are required for your development, the City does require following the design criteria and guidelines contained in the iSWM manual.

On July 1, 2014 post construction water quality requirements became effective. Plats and detailed development site plans submitted prior to July 1 are exempt from the post construction water requirements.

All developers and design engineers are encouraged to review the Storm Water Management Manual prior to beginning design of any drainage systems.

For questions about the City of Mansfield Local Criteria Section or City policy regarding storm drainage design please contact the City Engineer, Bart VanAmburgh at 817-276-4233.

In addition to the Storm Water Management Manual, the City encourages the use of the NCTCOG iSWM Design Manual for Construction for the design and implementation of all erosion and sedimentation control measures for construction activity. To download a copy of this manual, visit the NCTCOG's website here.