Driveway Approaches


The City of Mansfield requires a permit for adding width to an existing approach, replacing an existing approach or adding a new one.  An approach permit is not required in the case of new commercial or residential construction where the drive approach width and location is covered in the General Building Permit application on the plot plan.  A dimensioned site plan or plot plan is required with the application showing property lines and work to be performed.  The fee for the approach permit is $60.00 PER approach and is due when the application is approved and the permit is picked up.


An inspection will be required before concrete is poured or the culvert is set and can be called into 817-276-4269 for scheduling.

Driveway Approach Connecting to a Concrete Street

The Driveway approach is generally only the first 10.5 feet of a residential driveway and includes the sidewalk crossing, depending on the right of way in your neighborhood.  Please see page 2 of the permit for the Residential Drive Approach Standard Detail.  For Commercial drives please see the COM Standard Construction Details.

Drive Approach Connecting to an Asphalt Street

There is currently no standard detail for concrete drive approach connections to asphalt roadways and will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Engineering department.  Asphalt roadways typically have bar ditches on either side of the road for drainage purposes.  They will require proper bar ditch grading, a minimum culvert size of 18", sloped end treatments on the culverts not to exceed a 3:1 slope and the culvert material must be HDPE or RCP, the street tie in procedure will be based on the condition of the roadway.  If there is existing culvert you may be required to complete 1 or more of the above items.