E-cyclables and Used Electronics

Electronic Recycling Opportunities:

Electronic WasteResidents are encouraged to bring working electronics to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or any of the mission centers in the region.  For more information about how to handle working electronics, contact Howard Redfearn.

The City collects used electronics at all Environmental Collection Center collections.  These are held the second Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the Thursday and Friday before the second Saturday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.  For information about the next collection event, please check the Calendar of Events.

Cell Phones

Several locations in town will accept your used cell phones year round.  Best Buy has drop-off bins in their foyer for cell phones, rechargeable batteries and ink cartridges.  Home Depot and Lowes have drop-off bins for rechargeable batteries and compact florescent light bulbs.  Staples takes ink cartridges and selected electronics.  If your store has drop-off bins for materials and you are not on this list, please call 817-276-4240 with a list of items accepted and their location in your store.

What are e-cyclables?

E-CYCLABLES are old electronics, discarded because they are no longer wanted or no longer work. Recently, they have begun to receive a lot of attention for the potential hazards they pose when disposed using traditional methods, or illegally.

Radios, televisions, computer monitors, computer motherboards, microwaves, and several other household electronics contain substances that can be harmful to wildlife and humans.

Lead, zinc, mercury, nickel, cadmium and chromium are some of the metals used throughout these products that can cause serious harm if released into the environment. It is very important that these items are not discarded on roadsides, or in local waterways.

These metals have even been known to cause problems at landfills where they have escaped the liners and entered ground and surface water sources. Please DO NOT place electronics at the curb for collection to the landfill.

What do i do with an old TV, radio, computer monitor, or computer?

If the products still work, others may find use for them.  Local churches, thrift stores and other charitable organizations often accept these kinds of items and make them available to others. It is an environmentally friendly way to remove these items from your home or business, without sending them to the landfill.

Sending these items to a recycling center, where components containing these metals are removed and used as a source for raw material or sending them to a reuse facility are also acceptable methods of disposal.

Information on the State electronics programs can be found below: