Emergency Medical Services

The Mansfield Fire Department operates a fleet of 4 Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICUs) under the medical direction of Dr. Travis Coates.  Each MICU has state of the art technology and equipment that is able to provide the highest standard of pre-hospital care.


All first line fire and rescue apparatus are staffed with paramedics and provide advanced life support response.  The Mansfield Fire Department maintains a Quality Assurance Committee that is chaired by the department's training officer.  The ultimate goal of this committee is to deliver better medical care by identifying deficiencies in patient care and having the latest updates in technology available.

Ems Billing

All questions regarding billing and insurance information for EMS patients should be referred to Emergicon (877-602-2060 or 972-602-2060). If you need city staff assistance you can contact Tammy Miller at 817-276-4780.

Effective January 1, 2011 due to mandated federal regulations, all EMS providers must bill ambulance transports with the base fee plus mileage from the scene to the hospital. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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