Environmental Services

Environmental Services administers the City's stormwater quality activities in pursuit of compliance with TCEQ and EPA regulations derived from the Clean Water Act. This department is also involved in floodplain management, the Drainage Utility System and implementation of the City's Drainage Capital Improvement Program.

Construction Site Erosion & Sediment Control

Environmental Services also oversees the City's erosion and sediment control inspection and enforcement program. Information about the State permit, City ordinance, and other useful information is provided in this section.

Floodplain Management

The Engineering and Environmental Services departments also work together in order to apply the City's Floodplain Management regulations. Copies of the City's ordinance, access to digital FEMA data, and the floodplain development permit are located in this section.

Drainage System Maintenance and Repair FAQs

Storm Drainage maintenance includes repair of damaged underground pipes and the clearing of sediment and blockages from drainage ditches and channels on city property. The Environmental Services department does not routinely clear drainage utility easements on private property unless the drainage flow is obstructed and the blockage may lead to a structure flooding, nor does it provide erosion control on private property.