Fire Department Permits, Inspections, and Plan Reviews

Certificate of Occupancy Inspections

The Building Inspector will perform the initial inspection and release the electric account for permanent power before the fire inspection will be scheduled.

Retail or Office Suites: Please make certain there is a 5lb ABC fire extinguisher hanging on a bracket with a current inspection tag in the reception area or break room. If you purchased a new extinguisher, simply tape the receipt to the back of the extinguisher to determine when the unit was placed in service. Extinguishers require an inspection by a fire extinguisher contractor every 12 months.

Large suites/buildings: Please contact Scott Lingo for information about number and placement of additional extinguishers. [email protected] or office 817-276-4770

Tenant shall provide a key to the suite to be placed in the Knox key vault.

All electrical, mechanical and plumbing hazards or violations must be abated prior to the Fire Inspection.  Any additions or repairs to the exit and emergency lighting or any other requests by the Building Inspector must be completed.

Fire Alarm Inspections:

Approved plans shall be maintained on site at all times.

Pre testing is required prior to requesting an inspection by the Fire Inspector.  The alarm report may be requested to verify pretesting.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections:

Approved plans shall be maintained on site at all times.

Hydro visual inspection is required for any project where 20 or more heads are added or modified.  Test shall be above 200 psi for two hours.
Projects less than twenty heads only require a final visual inspection.

Plan Review:

Approved plans shall be maintained on site at all times.

Large fire alarm or fire sprinkler projects require a third party review by a Fire Protection Engineer licensed in the state of Texas prior to submittal to our office for review.  You may contact Scott Lingo to discuss the project to see if third party review is needed, if there is a question. [email protected] or office 817-276-4770

Provide three sets of FOLDED plans for review.  One will remain as a record in our office and two stamped plans will be returned with comments if applicable.

Type I fire suppression systems, gate EIS, access control-please contact Scott Lingo for further information.