Memorial Program

Celebrate a special day or beloved person with a donation to the City of Mansfield Parks and Recreation Department and honor the memory with a tree, bench or table that will be enjoyed for generations to come. Benches and tables will include an engraved plaque; trees are recognized on a special display inside the Parks & Recreation Administration office. All donations will be recognized at an annual ceremony and receive a certificate from the city.

Please read and review all policies before completing a donation application; no exceptions to these policies will be made. Allow 30 days for applications to be reviewed and approved. Installation will be determined and scheduled by Parks & Recreation Department staff.

  • Donations at this time are only accepted in the form of trees, benches, picnic tables and brick pavers.
  • All donations and plaques will be purchased and installed by Parks and Recreation Department staff.
  • Donors may request a park for their donation but requests are not guaranteed. Park and location will be decided by Department staff based on need and compatibility. Donor has the option to decline location and forgo donation if desired.
  • All donation fees include purchase of item, installation and maintenance costs by Department staff. Department staff will make every effort to repair and replace items due to regular wear and tear. City cannot be held liable for replacement costs due to excessive use or unusual circumstances.
  • Brick pavers will only be installed two times per year as determined by Department staff, regardless of the date of the pledged donation.
  • Tree donations will be recognized on a display at Parks and Recreation Administration building; no markers will be placed on site.
  • No additional characters or text is allowed. All plaques will be the same materials, fonts and format.
  • Donor may not leave balloons, flowers or other items at their tree, bench or table.
  • Installation date will be determined by the City; donor will be notified but dates cannot be guaranteed due to weather or staffing concerns.
  • All donors will be recognized at an annual ceremony in April and will receive a map of their item location and a certificate from the City.
  • All donations are subject to review and approval by Department staff. Donors will be notified within 30 days if their request has been approved; location determination and payment process will begin after that. The City of Mansfield reserves the right to reject or decline any donation.

Benches and picnic tables will be recognized with an engraved inset plaque that will follow this format:

In memory of / In loving memory of / In honor of / In celebration of
John Smith / Jane & John Smith
Date-Date (or single date)