Home Builder Construction Sites

Downloadable copies of State Permit Documents

Homebuilders have many challenges to face. Client expectations, timelines, costs and many others are always on mind. Storm Water quality control is not. However, homebuilders have a responsibility in keeping our local waterways clean from pollutants.

A well-prepared and properly implemented Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) will reduce or eliminate many of these common problems. The City has prepared a SWPPP template that can be used as an example for homebuilders. **The City makes no claim that this SWPPP template will meet all State permit requirements, or that completing the example template will prevent State or local enforcement if an inspection should occur.**

The TCEQ has prepared SWPPP worksheets as well.

The STEERS electronic filing homepage can be found here.

A Few Common Problems:

  • Wind blown litter and debris leave the construction site clogging storm drains and channels causing localized flooding and presenting aesthetic problems.
  • Dirt tracked from the site onto local roadways entering storm drain systems and presenting hazards to residents.
  • Sediments leave the site covering healthy vegetation and causing water quality problems.
  • Lot grading changed after builders begin activities resulting in changes from the approved grading plan and local flooding problems.
  • Leaking portable restrooms on road surfaces or near storm drains allow human waste into storm drain system.