Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology (IT) supports, maintains, and continuously seeks to improve a high quality, cost effective Wide Area Network / Local Area Network (WAN / LAN) that meets current and future requirements for the employees and citizens of the City of Mansfield, Texas.

Network Operations

Network Cabling

Voice and data networks have grown to be an integral component to facilitate efficient day to day operations.

The City of Mansfield is no exception when it comes to implementing these networks that allow all departments, regardless of location, to communicate effectively with each other.

Applications such as e-mail, Internet access, and database connectivity are securely available from all city locations by utilizing our voice and data networks.

Mobile, Desktop, and E-mail Management

Desktop Support

Today, more than ever, the growing capabilities of technology has expanded our ability to communicate. With this exponential growth in technology comes the responsibility of managing technology assets and maintaining technology services for computer end-users.

Due to the fact that there are many software / hardware platforms available today, making prudent decisions on these platforms is critical to ensuring success, stability, and security of an organization's infrastructure.

Other responsibilities include: implementing, modifying and supporting business system software and hardware; providing security and virus protection for all business data; backing up all business and network data; planning for and implementing disaster recovery to ensure continuation of critical business functions; and researching, investigating and recommending new and innovative technological approaches to reduce costs and improve City operations.

Website & Electronic City Operations


The city website is an important marketing tool for the City of Mansfield and a critical communication tool for residents. It allows each department the ability to showcase it's services and information in a format that is easily understood.

The continued development of the city website will enhance and simplify the ability of residents to access city information and services, including e-government functions such as online bill payment.