Large Construction Sites

Downloadable copies of State Permit Documents

The TCEQ regulates large construction activities under permit #TXR150000. Specific requirements can be found by downloading a .pdf version of the permit.

Large construction sites are required to prepare and implement a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) before construction activities begin. The SWPPP should be updated as necessary, and inspections for BMP effectiveness should be conducted until activities cease. Large construction sites are also required to submit a Notice of Intent to TCEQ, and a copy to the City, at least 2 days before construction activities begin.

**** Individual homebuilders within developments of greater than 5 acres are required to meet the permit requirements for large developments. *****

For SWPPP contents follow the SWPPP link and for specific measures follow the Design Criteria and iSWM link.

TCEQ Large Construction Site Homepage

The STEERS electronic filing homepage can be found here.

City Expectations

The City of Mansfield expects all operators of construction activities to comply with the TCEQ Permit regulations and City Ordinances.

As part of the Stormwater Management Program for the City, a construction site inspection program is in place with the goal of reducing pollutants from construction sites into public right of way and local waterways. This inspection program is independent of TCEQ requirements for construction site inspections. Construction site operators will be required to develop an inspection program for their site in accordance with the TCEQ Permit.

Deficiencies noted by City inspectors should be addressed as soon as possible. Most deficiencies will have a maximum of 7 days to be addressed. Major deficiencies will require immediate attention. If a BMP fails and sediment or other pollutants are released from the construction, it will be the responsibility of the operator to remove the pollutant and perform any cleanup of the area. Failure to do so will result in fines, billing if the City has to clean the area, or stop work orders for serious or repeat offenders.