Message From The Fire Chief

The mission of the Mansfield Fire Department is to provide quality life-safety services for our citizens at the best value. The Mansfield Fire Department is constantly seeking ways to improve service to our citizens while at the same time minimizing the costs to provide those services. We take this calling very seriously and we want to be the very best in our field. Some examples include providing quality training to our fire fighter / paramedics and expecting excellence in all areas of our responsibilities.

We care for our citizens very much and want to serve their life-safety needs. Each fire fighter is cross-trained as a paramedic and receives a minimum of 20 hours of training in fire subjects and at least 40 hours of EMS training annually. Most fire fighters receive much more training than the state-mandated minimums.

The Fire Department has developed a Master Plan that implements the City's Ten-year Strategic Plan, which is updated annually. This is the blueprint that will help guide us as we plan for the future needs of our community. Additionally, the Fire Department has developed an Equipment Replacement plan for all its equipment, with the goal being to improve fire fighter safety.

Our Vision

To provide and sustain a compassionate environment in which our Citizens can feel safe from the effects of fire or life-threatening emergencies, further adding to the quality of life in Mansfield, Texas.

Our Goals

  • To protect citizens from hazards
  • To protect our fire fighters from line of duty hazards
  • To minimize liability to citizens, the City, and ourselves
  • To provide services in a safe and cost-effective manner

Our Responsibility

  • Preventing loss of life and property
  • Enforcing State and City fire codes and ordinances
  • Conducting State and City mandated inspections
  • Provide refresher training to all fire fighters / paramedics
  • Conducting public education programs to reduce life safety risks
  • Providing first class ambulance billing services