Neighborhood Beautification Program

Litter and illegal dumping are a problem, not just in Mansfield, but across the State and Nation. The City of Mansfield is offering residents a chance to take charge and lead their own cleanup efforts. This opportunity is the Neighborhood Beautification Program.

The two events that the Keep Mansfield Beautiful Commission sponsors to combat litter aren't going to be able to address all of the areas that need attention.  However, highly motivated residents can volunteer to organize their own cleanup efforts at location of their choosing.

The Environmental Services department will provide lots of assistance, but most of the coordination will be done by volunteers.

Trash bags, gloves, a manual for tips on how to coordinate the event, some advertising, bug spray, sun block, disposing of the collected trash, and a few other items and services will be provided by the Environmental Services department.

Selecting a site, staffing the event, getting neighbors involved, and those types of activities will be performed by the volunteers.

A Neighborhood Beautification Handbook for volunteers is available.

For more information, to register, and all questions, or questions, please contact Rebecca Sales.