Neighborhood Crime Watch

Neighborhood Crime Watch SignYou’ve heard about the benefits of neighborhood watch participation. You suspect or know that there is a crime problem in your area. How do you get a Neighborhood Watch Program started in your neighborhood?

  1. First - form a small planning committee of neighbors to discuss needs, the level of interest, and possible problems. Decide on a date and place for an initial Neighborhood Watch Program meeting.
  2. Next - contact the Mansfield Police Department and request that a Community Resources officer come to your meeting in the near future to discuss Neighborhood Watch Program and help assess your neighborhood’s problems and needs.
  3. Finally - Contact as many of your neighbors as possible and find out:
    • Do they feel at risk of being burglarized or being the victim of other crimes?
    • Have they taken any steps to protect their homes?
    • Would they be willing to attend a meeting to organize a Neighborhood Watch Program group in your area?

You may be surprised to learn how many of your neighbors’ lives have already been touched by crime!

If this Neighborhood Watch program is something you want to get started in your neighborhood, contact Community Resources for further information at 817-276-4758