Patrol Division

Uniformed Patrol

Police TruckThe Patrol Division is the "backbone" of the Department, by responding to calls for police service in the City of Mansfield. The Patrol Division consist of uniformed officers that are first responders to 911 calls and complaints from citizens to insure public safety. Patrol Division is tasked in enforcing criminal laws, traffic laws, city ordinances, and maintaining public peace and safety.


Mansfield SWATThe Mansfield SWAT Team was created in 1997 to assist the police department in responding to situations requiring specialized equipment and uniquely trained operators.  Mansfield SWAT is a part time team comprised of Mansfield Officers and personnel from the Mansfield Fire Department. The team is utilized to handle high risk warrant services, barricaded persons and hostage situations.

Crisis Negotiation Unit

Crisis Negotiation UnitFormed in 2003, the Mansfield Police Department's Crisis Negotiation Unit is comprised of sworn and non-sworn personnel. The unit often works in cooperation with the SWAT Unit during tactical events. The Negotiations Unit is supervised by the Negotiation Team Leader, Sgt. Daniel Sherwin

The Crisis Negotiation Unit is used to de-escalate dangerous situations in an effort to prevent violence and save lives. In 2006, Sgt. Sherwin was awarded Hostage Negotiation of the Year for the State of Texas, for a 14 hour standoff, where a four year old child was held hostage by a suspect who shot three people. The child was unharmed and suspect was taken into custody after surrendering to the Mansfield SWAT Team.

The Mansfield Negotiators are highly trained and receive hundreds of hours of intense training throughout the year.

Park Patrol

Park OfficersThe Mansfield Police Department Park Patrol Officers, in partnership with the citizens of Mansfield, promote a safe environment within the parks and on the liner trail system. They perform this function using bicycles, the Zero (electric) motorcycle, golf cart, Gator ATV, and police vehicles. Officers provide professional assistance to all park users, and enforce park rules, local, state and federal laws.

Bike Patrol

Bike PatrolThe Bicycle Patrol Unit was organized in 1997. The unit is instrumental in getting patrol officers to locations rapidly where an officer in a vehicle could not go and where an officer on foot would not be able to respond quickly. The bicycles are quiet and permit the officer to patrol and yet be able to hear the sounds around more acutely. The unit is very helpful during public functions such as the Hometown Celebration and Christmas in the Park.

The Unit has also had a great deal of success in several neighborhoods with long-standing traffic complaints, where they could hide and observe violators, and yet quickly overtake the violator's vehicle and make a traffic stop.

K9 Unit


Oso - Police K-9Oso is a 8 year old Belgium Malinois who was born in Holland and was purchased by the City of Mansfield on September 23, 2013.  Oso was introduced and trained for two months by a Mansfield Police officer in Kasseburg Kennels in New Market, AL.  By the end of the school Oso and his Officer was certified by the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association as a K9 Team.  While assisting the Tarrant County Narcotics Unit this year, Oso alerted on a pound of crystal meth.  While assisting Arlington Oso alerted on cocaine, marijuana, and a handgun.