Private Drain Pipes and French Drains


The City of Mansfield requires a permit for private drain pipes (commonly referred to as “French drains”), if the release points for the drains are entering into the street, curb inlets, or any other public rights of way.  If the drain pipes will be exiting through the curb, the curb must be cored, not cut.  The residential drain pipe detail sheet can also be downloaded below.

PLEASE NOTE: Private drain pipes or French drains are not permitted for swimming pool discharges.  Swimming pools are required to discharge into the sanitary sewer system.

A dimensioned site plan or plot plan is required with the application showing property lines and work to be performed.  No fees are associated with this permit application.


An inspection will be required after the core cut is made in the curb and can be called into 817-276-4269 for scheduling.