Can I get speed bumps put on my street?


The City Council has discussed this issue most recently in September 2002 and January 2004. The City of Mansfield will not install speed humps for the following reasons:

  1. Speed humps will only reduce speed at a single location if one is used. A series of humps is necessary in order to be effective, which can be costly to install and maintain.
  2. Can cause a "rough ride" and discomfort for all drivers.
  3. Drivers may try to drive around them.
  4. Speed humps may divert traffic to another location, creating problems at a new location.
  5. Pavement markings and warning signs are not aesthetically pleasing.
  6. There can be a loss of parking in the immediate vicinity of the speed hump.
  7. There can be an increase in noise due to the sudden braking, rapid acceleration, and objects bouncing in the back of trucks.
  8. Personal injury or vehicle and cargo damage can occur if vehicle passes too fast over humps.
  9. Liability can be an issue if not be installed properly.
  10. It can be difficult in locating speed humps in neighborhoods. People are quick to want them in their neighborhood, but "not in front of my house."
  11. Initial cost and maintenance.
  12. May increase time for emergency response