Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a copy of your incarceration paperwork at the Mansfield Bond Desk located at 1601 Heritage Parkway - Mansfield, Texas 76063. You will need to complete a request form and have a valid form of identification.

Once released you have the option of calling someone you know to come pick you up, or riding back to the City of Fort Worth in a Police Van.  If riding back in a Police Van, you will only be dropped off at 350 W. Belknap in downtown.

You can request time served for Mansfield Charges from the Mansfield Municipal Judge. To request time served on charges from another agency, you must contact that specific agency in which the charges are held.

The City of Mansfield is a temporary holding facility for multiple agencies. Most inmates are held at our facility until their case is filed and they are transferred to the county or another form of disposition has been made.

Yes, we encourage you to have your medication and eye glasses brought to you here at the Mansfield Law Enforcement Center. The medication will be inspected by our Medical Staff before being allowed into the facility for dissemination to the inmate. The medication must be properly packaged, have the inmate's name on the prescription container, have a proper quantity, and not be expired.

Yes, visitors must be fully dressed and behave in a professional and orderly manner. See through, revealing, and provocative clothing is not allowed. Dressing inappropriately will cause the termination or refusal of the visit with the inmate. All visitation booths are monitored and recorded with audio and video surveillance equipment.

Yes, any person here visiting an inmate is subject to be checked and possibly arrested if they have active warrants.

You can contact the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office at 817-884-3116 for general inmate information.

You can contact the Fort Worth City Jail at 817-392-4055 for general inmate information.

No, messages cannot be given to inmates. Inmates can communicate with individuals by calling them collect with the phone located in the cell or by a non-contact visit.