Frequently Asked Questions

There have been 206 wells drilled within the City.

The Gas Well Inspector regularly inspects each drill site within our jurisdiction in accordance with Chapter 114 of the Mansfield Code of Ordinances. Drill sites are also inspected by the Fire Marshal’s office. In addition to municipal oversight, the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) has jurisdiction over well permitting, inspections, and production in accordance with applicable state rules and regulations.

Applications may be obtained from the Planning Department Counter or from our website.

Approximately 90 days to complete the zoning process.

The specific use permit (SUP) and the Gas Well Permit can be processed concurrently.  However, a gas well permit cannot be issued until the SUP is approved.

An application can be obtained from the Planning page on the City website. We recommend that the applicant schedule a meeting with staff prior to actually submitting the application and requested materials.

Gas wells in production do not create much noise. A gas well may occasionally need the use of a lift compressor to maintain production, but City regulations require that any noise from the compressor above the legal limit must be mitigated.

Gas that is produced from the Barnett Shale is odorless.

The lights you see are needed for the 24 hour operation. They are turned in towards the drill site and away from adjacent properties. This operation normally last only about 30 days.