Frequently Asked Questions

All swimming pools shall at all times be completely surrounded by a fence, wall or barrier not less than four feet in height with a self-closing and self-latching gate. For more specific regulations, contact Development Services.

Yes. You will need to get a "Special Event" permit to block off the street and this would include you having a bounce house. Please note that bounce houses cannot be located in any streets. You do not need a specific permit for the live music, you will just need to abide by the City's noise ordinance. Look under "permit applications" for the Special Event Permit Packet.

Cats - Maximum of $70
Dogs - Maximum of $70

You can view Mansfield GIS data online by visiting our interactive GIS web page. There, you will be able to zoom in on a particular area of the City and view a number of different data layers. All of the data will be viewed through your web browser. No special software is required.

Job opportunities are posted on the Employment Opportunities webpage. You can also view them if you look in front of the Human Resources office which is upstairs at City Hall.

Applications are accepted only for positions that are currently open. Most positions have a specified minimum qualifications. The minimum age requirement for regular full-time and part-time employment is 18; for seasonal employment, the minimum age is 16.

Yes, you may apply for as many open jobs as you wish, but a separate application or resume must be submitted for each position. Also, the job for which you are applying should be indicated on each.

Applications are accepted in person, via mail or fax for positions that are currently open, but be sure to indicate the position for which you are applying. Our fax number is 817-473-7487.

If you have a resume, you may submit it with your application, but any other materials should be kept for an interview, unless otherwise noted in the job announcement.

Those selected for interviews will be contacted by the hiring supervisor. People that interviewed will be notified by mail when the position is filled.