Frequently Asked Questions

Iron and manganese can cause a brownish orange staining on plumbing fixtures. The level of iron and manganese in our raw water is enough to cause staining problems. Since December of 2003 Mansfield has been using Chlorine Dioxide to reduce iron and manganese.

Mansfield is a member of the Tarrant Regional Water District along with Fort Worth, Arlington, Benbrook, and TRA.  TRWD primarily pumps water from Cedar Creek and Richland Chambers reservoirs in east Texas. The TRWD can also supply water from the Benbrook reservoir.

See the page about Water Quality for more information.

Hot South Texas summer weather results in a rapid algae growth in our surface water reservoirs. As the algae decay, they release taste and odor compounds. The Mansfield Water Treatment Plant replaced the anthracite coal filter media with GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) in the plant expansion of 1999. As a result, the tastes and odor nuisance was greatly reduced. However, there are times of the year when the algae growths can exceed the GAC's ability to remove the tastes and odors completely.

We have programmed activities from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Some special classes start in the afternoons but for the most part the activities take place in the mornings.

See the membership page for the current rates.

Most senior activities are free but some classes have a fee associated with them.

The City of Mansfield partners with AARP who provides a qualified tax preparer from February 1 to April 15 for free tax return preparation for seniors and low income individuals. Appointments are made at the Mansfield Activities Center.

Seniors who come to the center must be able to take care of their own personal needs, such as going to the restroom and feeding themselves, or have a caretaker with them at all times. We welcome all levels of ability.

We have buses that can pick her up in the morning and bring her to the center and then take her home in the afternoons after lunch.  The bus has a handicap lift if needed for wheelchairs.  This service is available to Mansfield residents only, subject to address verification.

The recommended lunch donation is $2.00 for seniors age 60 and over(or the spouse of someone the age 60 and over) and $6 for persons 59 and younger.  No senior is turned away because they cannot pay.