Frequently Asked Questions

The City does not clean up creek areas on a regular basis. The big cleanup events held by the City are typically on public land and involve large groups of volunteers. The best solution for this problem is for everyone to put their trash in the proper place, a trash can.

It is not always raccoons and snakes, any water feature is going to attract wildlife. The City does not perform regular maintenance along most water ways. These areas are typically designed to be overgrown, and as long as the condition does not pose a threat of flooding to a home or structure, the City will not remove the vegetation.

Any odor nuisances should be called in. There is not always something that can be done about it, but the City needs to make sure the sanitary sewer system has not been leaking into the storm sewer system. The most common odor problems at storm sewer outfalls are decomposing leaves and other organic matter, and this poses no threat to human health.

The Environmental Services Department works with other departments in the City to address these concerns. Depending on the situation, a City crew may be able to come out and regrade the area that it drains again, but a drainage easement must exist for the City to enter the property for this reason.

This is not always a concern, but should be reported so that City staff can evaluate the situation and prevent problems from occurring.

There is no simple answer for this question. The City's ability to improve the situation is entirely dependent on the location and cause of the flooding.  Several homes in the City were built before the FEMA enacted the floodplain restrictions, and these homes will flood given a large enough storm.  However, some problems can be addressed by repairing the storm sewer system.  If your home has flooded, please report this information to the City.

Yes, you must wear clothing that is not revealing, see through, or provocative in nature. You will be interacting with public officials and it is best to dress in a professional/casual manner.

There is a screening process you must go through before allowed admittance into the court room. We encourage you to leave time consuming search items such as handbags and purses at home or secured in a safe environment. Electronic devices such as cameras, cell phones, and radios are not allowed in the court room. Items you should bring with you are court paperwork, Drivers License or ID Card, any evidence you wish viewed during the court proceedings

You can request time served for Mansfield Charges from the Mansfield Municipal Judge. To request time served on charges from another agency, you must contact that specific agency in which the charges are held.