Senior Services provided by the Police Department

Mansfield Police’s Community Resource Division provides services for the city’s senior citizens including home safety surveys, fall prevention surveys, senior wellness checks and senior identification programs.

Caring for seniors

Each program is conducted by trained officers and/or volunteers working specifically with the Mansfield Police Department. The programs are designed to help make the life of the community’s seniors safer.

Home Safety Surveys

Officers certified in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) make calls to seniors’ homes to show them how to make them safer. From alarm systems and locks to lighting and cutting by shrubbery, officers will work with senior homeowners to make their homes safer and “break in” proof.

Fall Prevention Surveys

This service assists seniors with fall proofing their homes and includes rearranging furniture, moving cords and wires and adding rails on steps. The program to help make homes safer is particularly important for seniors who have mobility challenges and difficulty seeing.

Senior Wellness Checks

Mansfield seniors may receive wellness checks via phone, text or email from officers and/or volunteers to the Community Resource Office. Participants may determine the frequency of the contact with the program coordinator. If the coordinator is unable to contact the seniors to check on their welfare, they will reach emergency contacts that are on file to determine the welfare of the participants. Officers may be sent to the home for a welfare check.

Senior Identification Program

Participants will provide officers with information and will have a digital photo and fingerprints entered into the department’s data base. Each participant will receive a flash drive with the information for their personal use. The police department may use the information in the event the senior is lost or missing.