Storm Drain Marking

Storm Drain MarkerWater entering storm drains in the City of Mansfield flows directly to a local pond, creek, or Joe Pool Lake, untreated. Because the water is untreated, pollutants introduced into the storm drain system can cause water problems.

Motor oil and other automotive fluids, grass clippings, leaves, cigarette butts, pet wastes, fertilizers and pesticides are all common pollutants that enter the storm drain system and degrade the quality of water in our ponds, creeks, and Joe Pool Lake.

Placing a placard like the one above on storm drain inlets helps to remind residents not to dump potential pollutants in storm drains. In addition to the placards, the City will develop other materials to help reinforce the message of preventing pollution.

Many local cities, as well as cities across the country, have started a volunteer storm drain marking program. These programs are used to increase awareness about the potential for water pollution by the storm drain system maintained by the City.

The City is looking for group to volunteer to help mark storm drains throughout the City. Civic groups are highly encouraged to participate.

"A storm drain marking fact sheet has been developed as well as an instructions page.

An adult supervisor will need to complete the safety pledge and all participants will need to complete the liability waiver. A group info sheet should also be completed to provide information about the group and the area where storm drains were marked. Also, a tracking form has been created to help maintain a list of areas marked and how many volunteers have participated. All paperwork and equipment should be turned in to Arianne Shipley once the project has been completed."

For more information, to participate, or questions, please contact Rebecca Sales, 1200 E. Broad St. Mansfield, Texas 76063.