Street Operations

Street Operations is responsible for maintaining the City of Mansfield's roadways in order to lengthen their service life and to provide safe driving conditions for the citizens. Street Operations is also responsible for maintaining traffic control infrastructure (signals, signs and markings) and will aide in the maintenance of drainage infrastructure.

Repairing a streetStreet Maintenance

The primary function of the Street Maintenance Crew is to make both temporary and permanent repairs to the city streets. This may include pothole and sidewalk repair as well as repairs needed to maintain curb and gutter. The Street Maintenance Crew is also responsible for the eliminating line of sight issues throughout the city.

Drainage Maintenance

The primary function of the Drainage Control Crew is to repair and maintain the city drainage systems. These may include maintaining flow in a culvert, road side ditches and other drainage structures within an easement.  For more information see the Drainage Design and iSWM page.

Traffic Operations

Traffic Signal RepairThe Traffic Operations Crew will work to maintain traffic signals, school flashers, pedestrian crossings, roadway signage and pavement markings.