Texas SmartScape Classes

Texas SmartscapeThe Water Utility Department has coordinated with Tarrant County Master Gardner Association to host a series of Texas SmartScape Classes! Whether you’re designing a garden for your new home or just adding a few new plants to your yard, Texas SmartScape can help!

It gives you the tools you need to plan your garden, select the right plants, and care for them in a manner that saves you time and money while at the same time protecting our streams and rivers and ultimately conserving our water resources.

Check here for upcoming classes.

All classes are free to any Mansfield resident. Sign up today, seating is limited! There will be door prizes to go along with the great information!

What is Texas SmartScape?

Texas SmartScape is a collaborative program developed by several agencies in the North Central Texas region. The purpose of the program is to provide tools for understanding the ecological, economic and aesthetic benefits of using landscaping plants, shrubs, grasses and trees that are native or adapted to our regional climate and local conditions.

The goal of the program is to conserve local water supplies and improve stormwater runoff quality by reducing the amount of water needed to maintain landscapes while decreasing the amounts of pesticide, fertilizer and herbicides used in landscaping practices.

What does Texas SmartScape mean?

Texas SmartScape is simply a way to reduce the impact of urban development by selecting and designing landscapes that utilize native and adaptive plants. The end product is an attractive lawn or landscape that is very low maintenance, requires less effort, helps reduce water pollutants, and attracts wildlife. The reductions in water use, fertilizers, and pesticides and herbicides also lead to savings in your pockets.

Native and adaptive plants can thrive in the types of conditions we have come to expect in the North Central Texas area. Since they have developed in these conditions, they do not require the amount of support exotic species do. This saves time and money once the plants are established.

How can I Texas SmartScape my lawn or landscape?

The SmartScape website contains very useful information for designing the new lawn or landscape yourself, or for being able to communicate with someone designing your lawn or landscape for you. The website also includes tips on how to prepare your lawn and care for the plants to encourage success for those interested in doing it all themselves.

To prepare a design layout, it is necessary to learn a bit about your lawn or landscape. The amount of light different areas receive, how well the area drains, the type of soil, and many other factors affect the types of plants that will thrive in different locations.