Various Compensation Benefits

How We Differ

Our benefits set the standard by which others are measured.

That's because we know benefits are such a big part of your life. In fact, if salaries are competitive, and ours are, benefits are the most important part of total compensation. So we offer comprehensive, flexible, innovative benefits designed to meet a wide variety of you and your family's needs.

Time Off

  • Eleven Paid Holidays * - News Year's Day, Martin Luther King's Day, Presidents Day, Thanksgiving Day, Good Friday, Friday after Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Christmas Eve, Fourth of July, Christmas Day, Labor Day
  • Paid Vacation * - Full time employees accrue at a rate of 2 weeks per year. Employees shall accrue increased amounts of vacation leave per each month of continuous service, beginning with 2 weeks vacation the first year of employment.
  • Sick leave * - One day sick leave earned for each month worked (12 days a year). Eligible after 1 month for all full time employees.
  • Emergency Leave - 24 (3 - 8 hour work days) hours at full pay in the case of death of immediate family
  • Jury Duty - Full pay for time away from the job for full time employees
  • Military Leave - Full pay for up to 15 days while away from the job on short military leave for full time employees

* non fire shift employees