Water Distribution Notice

This is an important notice about the type of disinfectant used in the public DRINKING WATER supply by the City of Mansfield in order to maintain the quality standards outlined by the state and federal governments.

This notice is so that you may evaluate any possible effect it may have on you as a consumer of city supplied water. The most critical areas of concern are:

Kidney Dialysis Patients

  1. Persons who use tap water as a dialyzing fluid are urged to install the necessary pretreatment units to remove the chloramines prior to the waters use as a dialyzing fluid.
  2. If chloramines are not removed from the water used for dialyzing fluid it can cause hemolytic anemia in the patient.

Tap Water Distillation

  1. Normal distillation does not remove chloramines.
  2. This will effect reagent preparation, if distilled tap water is used.

Aquarium Owners

  1. Chloramines are toxic to fish, and more difficult to neutralize than chlorine.
  2. For every 10 gallons of tap water to be used in an aquarium the water should be treated as follows:
    1. Add one teaspoon of household liquid chlorine bleach.
    2. Let water sit overnight.
    3. Add three times the amount of commercial dechlorinating solution and mix thoroughly.
    4. Let stand for 24 hours before adding to the aquarium.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Jeff Price, Director of Utility Operations.